April 5, 2011

. . . And, I'm Back

 Well, now, what just happened?? Last thing I remember I was scheduling a Flowers in the House post, and now here I am, a busy week+ later, not even sure what to share first. But I'll begin with these centerpieces for a celebration at Silverado Vineyards, which feature roses and ranunculus from Petaluma, varigated geranium from Half Moon Bay, tulips from Arcata, and olive and spirea from Napa. Now I'm off to catch up on all the happy happenings in blogland! I've missed you!


  1. That second photo will be one i return to a few times this week - so pretty and dream-like.

    And we have been missing you and your flower fixes!

  2. Thanks, Belinda! It's so good to see your voice : ).

  3. I wondered where you had come. I've grown accustomed to your voice and your views.

    xo jane

  4. Those are so pretty! Love that geranium:)

  5. Jane- the fact that you even detected a lull in my online activity just reinforces this wonderful image I have of you as the calm Mother Hen of this little blogging community I've been drawn into. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful support group!

    FF- Thanks! The geranium really did add some interest. I'm such a sucker for varigated foliage, even pittosporum. I wonder if that renders me totally unfit for the cool florist club. . . .