April 12, 2011

The Lilac's Fate Part 2 of 3: For Oma

This story probably constitutes the most wonderful flower delivery experience of my life.

My sister and I practically grew up with four other siblings, the children of our parents' friends. We've kept in contact over the years, though they're now on different sides of the country with work and study.

When I saw the four of them this Christmas, they arranged for flowers to be sent to their grandmother here in Napa on a random but ongoing basis throughout the year, whenever something awesome came into bloom. Lilac was an obvious candidate.

When Oma opened her door, she looked at the lilac and exclaimed "Oh, [German word] ! My favorite!". And then something to extent of "Those children . . . " with a quiet, contented smile. I was all warm and fuzzy the rest of the day, and still feel happy thinking back on it.


  1. See, now that story made me smile.

    To be a part of bringing joy to someone's world is such an important part of our business and stories like this bring a tear to my eyes.

    what the world needs now is more joy givers.

    xo Jane

  2. Word.

    Is what you mean when you say that, 'quite so, I agree, exactly'? If it is then,well, word. To what Jane just said I mean. Oh for goodness sake, just trying to say, that I agree with Jane, your post sort of sums up one of the reasons why this business is so lovely and worth the pleading with flowers to behave etc!

  3. I love you guys.

    Shall I conveniently blame the lilac for my overemotional state?