April 7, 2011


 Another tiny little bouquet made from flowers leftover from a larger installation last week, using entirely local blooms: lilac from St. Helena, ranunculus from Petaluma, lavender, olive, and hellebores from Napa, scabiosa from Watsonville, and tulips from Arcata. This crop of ranunculus had a rough time with it; I think that persistent, heavy rains we had here in North Bay, followed by an unseasonably hot spell, made for some pretty weak, bloated and botrytis-prone stems. Anyone ever had a similar experience?


  1. Botrytis aside, this is one sweet little handful. Our first local lilac arrives at the shop today.

    I almost thought about skipping my day off to be there to receive it!

    xo Jane

  2. Oh man, isn't lilac wonderful? I just scooped up two glorious bucketfuls from a grower in Napa today. Utterly heavenly. Glad you didn't give up your day off, though- I'm sure your garden is full of equally wonderful treasures!

  3. Local in April. Wow. The only local fare here is greenhouse anemone and tulips.
    You're in Paradise!!!

  4. I know, isn't it insane?? I feel I have arrived in the promised land : ).