January 26, 2012

Local Color

We haven't had much rain yet this year, so the subdued greyish greens, blues, and umbers I usually associate with fall are still prevalent in the landscape and garden. Hopefully soon we'll have some real rain to bring on the green grass and wildflowers, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the calming colors as I tidy my annual financial reports and prepare for the coming season. I am getting increasingly excited for spring and summer weddings to come!

January 11, 2012

$30 Overstock Special!

Faced with some of my spring and all time favorites (such as  freesia, stock, and lisianthus from the Los Angeles area, forsythia and daffodils from Washington, feverfew from Arcata, and carnations from Petaluma-laaaaaa!), I lost all control and soon found my studio bursting to the gills with product I don't really need.

But my flub is your gain! For $30, I'll be making some special deliveries of these beauties to homes and offices in Napa (sample arrangement below). If you or a Napan you know could use a Wednesday pick-me-up, please give The Monkey Flower Group a call at 707-418-8615. : )

[Announcement: We're all sold out! Thank you!]

January 10, 2012

A Well Planned Proposal

When a childhood friend requested I provide the flowers for his very well planned (whole family-involving, escalatingly romantic, multi-location, treasure hunt of a) proposal, I wouldn't have agreed to help if I didn't believe his gal would definitely say yes, elaborate proposal or not. : ) Congratulations, N&B!

 The four bouquets, delivered with instructions over the course of a day, included sweet peas, dendrobium orchids, and ranunculus, from Watsonville, tulips and hyacinth from Arcata, freesia from Pescadero, and stock from from outside Los Angeles.

January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well hello again! I hope everyone has been enjoying a wonderful holiday season and a good start to 2012!

Here's a smattering of what The Monkey Flower Group has been up to these past two weeks. I've continued to be so impressed by the bounty of beautiful local materials available- nearly everything pictured in this post was grown in Northern California, and mostly right here in the Bay Area. The exception is the stock which was trucked up from Los Angeles. I splurged on it as consolation for not allowing myself any of the gorgeous blooms being flown in from Holland this time of year (I think we did fine without them, and goodness knows there are better uses for those fossil fuels . . . ).

Happy New Year!