January 11, 2012

$30 Overstock Special!

Faced with some of my spring and all time favorites (such as  freesia, stock, and lisianthus from the Los Angeles area, forsythia and daffodils from Washington, feverfew from Arcata, and carnations from Petaluma-laaaaaa!), I lost all control and soon found my studio bursting to the gills with product I don't really need.

But my flub is your gain! For $30, I'll be making some special deliveries of these beauties to homes and offices in Napa (sample arrangement below). If you or a Napan you know could use a Wednesday pick-me-up, please give The Monkey Flower Group a call at 707-418-8615. : )

[Announcement: We're all sold out! Thank you!]


  1. think I might be overbuying next Tuesday....I hope there are as many pretty flowers at the market as are available to you. So Fresh!!

  2. If only I could put an order in! Desperate for some colour now!

    Hope 2012 is wonderful for you Jaime. Bxx

  3. Thanks Shelley and Belinda! I am sure the future holds many fresh and bright flowers for you both!