August 29, 2010

Two For One

Somehow I didn't get a chance to post the goods from last week's farmers market. I'm including them now along with this week's fare, which accounts for the two shockingly clashing color palettes. Proceed at your own risk.

August 24, 2010


In the summertime (and especially this summertime), the Napa Valley usually brims with fog until it burns off around noon. But when I drove over into town early this morning to pick up my flowers from Aztec Dahlias, Devoto Gardens, and some private growing grounds, the sky was already clear and the air warm and dry. I knew it was going to be a Hot One.  I made sure everyone had plenty of water to drink then sped back to the studio to put together some arrangements worthy of such a sizzlin' day.
The temperature hit 105 degrees around two-ish, and doesn't yet show signs of falling. No worries, though, these flowers are ready to party despite the heat.

August 19, 2010


A quick trip up to the Sierra Nevadas made for a fun and sun filled few days.  Highlights included seep monkey flower (Mimulus guttatus, above), subalpine spiraea (Spiraea splendens var. splendens, below), sun-catching grasses, weather-beaten trees, vivid green lichens, crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe and Cascade Falls, fantastic food and drink, lots of sunscreen, and a wonderful visit with my awesome grandfather and good friends.

August 15, 2010

To Market, To Market!

I always have a great time at the Napa Farmer's Market. But this week was even more enjoyable, as I was accompanied by a dear friend visiting from Boston. Other highlights included fantastic Belgium waffles, perennial sweet peas, and ample examples of lambs' ears to wear.

August 14, 2010

Fresh Off the Boat

Ladies and gentlemen, the loveliest member of The Monkey Flower Group is safe back on shore (and looking more lady-like than ever)! That's cause for celebration . . . and also a photo shoot (which for us can be very much like a party). This one features lambs' ears to wear and the Pacific Ocean. I'm looking forward to the curating process, but I'm looking forward to a little sleep even more. So stayed tuned for more from the shoot and from Saturday's market!

Welcome home, Liz!

August 9, 2010

Weekend Highlight: Enchanted Garden Luncheon

It was another fun and action-packed weekend, complete with a bustling market, out-of-town-visitors, and out-of-town visits. One highlight was spending an afternoon with Grandma June and her enchanted garden, full of lush flowers, pearlescent succulents, twisting vines and trees, and magical little hidden trinkets.

Grandma was kind enough to model one of The Monkey Flower Group's lambs ear and lavender headbands (below left) before serving a lunch of a variety of fabulous salads, which we enjoyed on the beautifully set patio table.
For dessert I brought along a carrot cake in our new (to us) tin cake carrier (it works well!). I had intended to add dried figs to my standard recipe, and by the time I discovered our grocery store was out of them (!!!) I already had my heart set on sugaring some fresh figs to top the cake (hence the inexplicable garnish).
Hope your weekend was lovely as well!