August 9, 2010

Weekend Highlight: Enchanted Garden Luncheon

It was another fun and action-packed weekend, complete with a bustling market, out-of-town-visitors, and out-of-town visits. One highlight was spending an afternoon with Grandma June and her enchanted garden, full of lush flowers, pearlescent succulents, twisting vines and trees, and magical little hidden trinkets.

Grandma was kind enough to model one of The Monkey Flower Group's lambs ear and lavender headbands (below left) before serving a lunch of a variety of fabulous salads, which we enjoyed on the beautifully set patio table.
For dessert I brought along a carrot cake in our new (to us) tin cake carrier (it works well!). I had intended to add dried figs to my standard recipe, and by the time I discovered our grocery store was out of them (!!!) I already had my heart set on sugaring some fresh figs to top the cake (hence the inexplicable garnish).
Hope your weekend was lovely as well!


  1. Not as lovely as yours!

    i wish you would do the follower thing so i could be the 1st and then i would always know when you put up a new post.

    How do you do the lambs ear flower/art. besides patience. Glue?

    Your work continues to amaze and delight me.

  2. Thanks, Jane!

    My main standys for making flowers to wear are good old paraffin tape, wire, a needle and thread, and Elmer's glue (I used to use that floral glue you get at the wholesaler, but after it exploded it's toxic goodness all over my tool bag I didn't replace it, and my work environment, and probably the environment in general, has been much nicer ever since).

    Grandma's little accessory was made by sewing lambs' ears around a simple children's headband wrapped in paraffin tape. It does require patience, but it is also fun! I am a sucker for fine work.

  3. I have now seen enough of your handiwork not to have to shout at the screen, "HOW DOES SHE DO THAT!!!" and scare the dog in the process, but it still stuns and intrigues. I first came across your work in a 'HOW-TO' on Design sponge -would you ever do more of those, not necessarily your super complex, topsecret, if-I-tell-you-I-will-have-to-kill-you wearable stuff, but your gorgeous bouquet skills??? Hope its not cheeky to ask?

  4. Goodness, Belinda, thank you! As I said over on Wild Acre, welcome back!! It's so good to see you around on the blogger dashboard again!

    Your request is not cheeky, just flattering! But what would make you think I am harboring away any top secret design tricks? [ Insert suspicious sidelong glances here]. Seriously, though, I would just love if I could put together something I thought was appropriate and interesting enough for d*s . . . it just seems like they already have so many talented floral designers offering up great projects! But I am working on it and hopefully will have something soon.

  5. I just wouldn't presume that you would choose to share how you make your wearable stuff because it is so unique and original to you, I wouldn't like to even try and I think I would feel protective of your work if I saw others copying you!!!! Says as much about my overprotective streak as your generosity probably! Realise I am now sounding ridiculous, and really you are more than able to make your own decisions about what you share online.

    How about how-to's of a simpler nature on your blog?

  6. I am currently trying to duplicate Grandma June's delicious bean salad with the wonderful home grown beans Sharron Emig gave me. How come my salad is not as beautiful as hers?! (it is yummy tho)

  7. Hi Belinda! Sorry for the delayed response!

    You're right, I do sometimes feel a tad protective of some of what I think of as my more unusual techniques, though I'm sure other people are doing similar things. I've always felt a bit guilty about it- I'm glad you understand!

    How-to's for the MFG blog are a fun idea! I'll see if I can come up with anything interesting. : )

  8. Well, Mom, you must keep in mind Grandma's very artistic approach to feeding (no ketchup bottles on the table, etc.). I think you and I might have a slightly more utilitarian approach to food?

    By the way, I defrosted some of your pesto tonight and it was awesome. Totally got the job done. Very practical and delicious. Actually, it was very pretty, too. So don't beat yourself up about the bean salad.

    I wish I could be there, and not just for Sharron's beans!