August 19, 2010


A quick trip up to the Sierra Nevadas made for a fun and sun filled few days.  Highlights included seep monkey flower (Mimulus guttatus, above), subalpine spiraea (Spiraea splendens var. splendens, below), sun-catching grasses, weather-beaten trees, vivid green lichens, crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe and Cascade Falls, fantastic food and drink, lots of sunscreen, and a wonderful visit with my awesome grandfather and good friends.


  1. So there really is a monkey flower! Don't know this on the East Coast.

    Love the tree bark and of course the food. Always flowers and food for me.

  2. HI. Just jumped over from Flower Jane's blog to see yours. Hope you don't mind my sticking around to follow for a while. Lovely pictures. You do pretty work.

  3. Hi Webb! I'm so glad you stopped by and I hope you enjoy your visits. Welcome!