March 29, 2010

Have Banana. Will Travel.

This weekend we took a quick road trip (above) down to Boston to visit friends, eat great food, and enjoy an early glimpse of magnolias and daffodils.

March 26, 2010

Ice Follies

So, this may just be wishful thinking, but it seems like we might actually be out of the worst of the cold weather. So before Spring is fully upon us and ice seems totally unseasonal, I'd like to share these last two (knock on wood) photos I took but never had the chance to post. Happy Spring!

March 23, 2010

Bulb/Blog Bonanza!!!

In the last 24 hours I have happily endured way more excitement than I am accustomed to. First, an online flower seed retailer brought all its unsold bulbs to be composted at ICP, which may or may not be why there are now some 30 odd amaryllis bulbs in our apartment (above). Then, The Monkey Flower Group's winter photo shoot was featured on the venerable Style Me Pretty. Weeeeee!

March 22, 2010


I swear these color things just happen.

March 21, 2010

Here They Come

 Ahh, the valiant March warriors: crocus (below left), sedum (below right), iris (bottom left), and tulip (above and bottom right). Without them Mud Season would be rather bleak.


March 18, 2010

Monkey Business (Cards)

After some delay, I'd like to introduce The Monkey Flower Group's new business cards! Great thanks to the fabulous Vantage Press for the scrap paper (below left), Gordon Stamp and Engraving for the snazzy custom stamp (below right), and Ben for his opportunistic photography (bottom).



March 11, 2010

Lindseys for Lindsay

These lovely "Lindsey" roses are dumpster divas rescued from an untimely demise at the market. The color is so cheery and bright, it reminded me of something my sister Lindsay would fancy. Hope you enjoy, sis! I miss you!

March 8, 2010

Way. Too. Easy.

Many of you who know me are familiar with my crazy intense adoration of popcorn. I cook it in a pot with oil, like Grandma. Until recently I believed this to be the ultimate of ultimate comfort foods.  What could be better than salty, fried corn? Well, I will tell you: salty fried corn with sugar.

***Spoiler alert: I am about to explain the ridiculously easy process of making kettlecorn, that amazing food-of-the-farmers'-markets-and-street-fair-gods. If you do not want to be in constant peril of giving in to the slightest craving for this amazing salty-sweet treat, do not read on. ***



For you brave (or foolish) folks who think they can handle this, here's how easy it is: cover half the bottom of a medium sized pot with oil (olive, canola, or vegetable), then heat at medium high. When the oil juuuust begins to smoke (or really, just before it does- you'll get the hang of it), add half a jigger (1-2 tablespoons) of granulated sugar. Roll the pan around to mix in the sugar, then add enough popping corn to cover the bottom of the pan. Shake the pan well as the corn pops. When the popping slows, empty the kettlecorn into a large bowl, being careful to pour the pot away from yourself (to avoid getting blasted with any late-popping kernels). Toss the kettlecorn with salt, and serve. Try not to repeat too frequently.

March 6, 2010



I think that last collection of photos was rich enough to warrant the visual equivalent of an Intermezzo. So here it is - a little ice to cleanse the palette [sic]. 


March 5, 2010

Flower Power!


If warmer temperatures could be willed here with colors alone, these would be the ones to do it. I nearly went into shock working with these boisterous blooms (in a good way), but I think the end result was just what the bride wanted- springy, bright pinks, purples, and yellows with a touch of daisy.



March 2, 2010

Why, Hello!


Things are still all mud and ice here in Vermont, so imagine my joy when I encountered this handsome beauty! He's from California, of course, but at this time of year I feel more than okay with that- David Austin roses are just what this romantic wedding for Stray Cat Flower Farm needed. (And maybe I needed them, too).