March 8, 2010

Way. Too. Easy.

Many of you who know me are familiar with my crazy intense adoration of popcorn. I cook it in a pot with oil, like Grandma. Until recently I believed this to be the ultimate of ultimate comfort foods.  What could be better than salty, fried corn? Well, I will tell you: salty fried corn with sugar.

***Spoiler alert: I am about to explain the ridiculously easy process of making kettlecorn, that amazing food-of-the-farmers'-markets-and-street-fair-gods. If you do not want to be in constant peril of giving in to the slightest craving for this amazing salty-sweet treat, do not read on. ***



For you brave (or foolish) folks who think they can handle this, here's how easy it is: cover half the bottom of a medium sized pot with oil (olive, canola, or vegetable), then heat at medium high. When the oil juuuust begins to smoke (or really, just before it does- you'll get the hang of it), add half a jigger (1-2 tablespoons) of granulated sugar. Roll the pan around to mix in the sugar, then add enough popping corn to cover the bottom of the pan. Shake the pan well as the corn pops. When the popping slows, empty the kettlecorn into a large bowl, being careful to pour the pot away from yourself (to avoid getting blasted with any late-popping kernels). Toss the kettlecorn with salt, and serve. Try not to repeat too frequently.


  1. There goes another low cal snack!

  2. I think calories are not a relevant addition to this discussion! You will see when you try this stuff.