September 25, 2011

Habit Forming

No matter what you call it- brake fern, western sword fern, 'polystichum munitum' . . . I am addicted. Here is some from Eureka, along with Japanese anemones from Napa and 'sereno' roses (another persistent favorite) from Petaluma.

September 24, 2011

A Honey Inspired Photo Shoot With Elizabeth

 A visit from Liz wouldn't really feel complete without a little photo shoot, so luckily we just barely squeezed one in before she headed back up to to Seattle ( to FINISH her last stretch of sea time and school before testing for her first mate's license!!!). Here she is all gussied up for a honey inspired affair, complete with amber glassware, gold edged plates, and a pale yellow silk dress from Community Projects in Napa (that place is a treasure trove), tiny candles of pure beeswax from Napa Valley Apothecary in Napa, honey drenched baklava from a bakery Petaluma which shall remain nameless due to its somewhat lackluster product (if you want good baklava you can go to Small World Restaurant in Napa, but you'll have to get there earlier than we did or it will all be gone!), lunaria seedpods from Napa, scabiosa seedpods from Watsonville, and the stars of the show, roses from Garden Valley Ranch and Neve Brother Roses in Petaluma.

September 22, 2011

A Sundrenched Engagement Party . . .

 . . . with scabiosa flowers, bronze amaranth, kangaroo paw, and two kinds of sunflowers from Half Moon Bay, and catatante orchids from Menlo Park.

When it comes to views, I don't think many places come close to Silverado Vineyards. Guests at this engagement party enjoyed dinner and drinks in a casual seating arrangement, with many tables to choose from both inside and out. Doesn't that hightop overlooking the valley look especially inviting?

September 11, 2011

For Now . . .

Well goodness, I've got a lot to share! But for now, just dahlias and chocolate cosmos from Half Moon Bay, scabiosa from Salinas, and roses and hydrangeas from Petaluma.

September 3, 2011

Napa Farmer's Market Today, 7:30-12

These flowers to wear are from a little while back, and feature bright manzanita berries and echiveria blossoms. The palette this week is much softer, with ornamental oregano, culinary oregano, lavender, and scabiosa buds taking the lead. I'll also have some gorgeous Garden Valley Ranch roses on display; they're left over from a photo shoot and so have been through hell, but I'll wager they'll still knock your socks off! Please stop by to have a look, say hi, and smell the roses and oreganos.