September 3, 2011

Napa Farmer's Market Today, 7:30-12

These flowers to wear are from a little while back, and feature bright manzanita berries and echiveria blossoms. The palette this week is much softer, with ornamental oregano, culinary oregano, lavender, and scabiosa buds taking the lead. I'll also have some gorgeous Garden Valley Ranch roses on display; they're left over from a photo shoot and so have been through hell, but I'll wager they'll still knock your socks off! Please stop by to have a look, say hi, and smell the roses and oreganos.


  1. Hi Jamie, I see your lovely table-full is edging towards a more autumnal look. All so pretty. I am dipping my toe into farmers' markets close to home, for my jewellery. Excited/nervous! xx

  2. It was a delight to wake up this morning and see your sunflowers after six days of no electricity and no running water. Life is good again!
    Could you share the name of the sunflower cultivar?

  3. Yeah! I've never seen that sunflower before. It could be my favorite!
    Your 'jewelry', as usual is perfection.

  4. Thanks, guys! Goodness, where was the electricity and water out for six days?? I tend to live under a rock, but I didn't realize the flooding, earthquakes, and hurricanes (depending on your location) had cause such inconveniences. Glad to hear it's back!

    Belinda- Hurray! So exciting! I am sure it will be a wonderful experience and that everyone will love you and your work! Some day I will stroll up to your stall and order a set of rings in my twangyiest American accent. : )

    A & Shelly- I'm not sure the variety, I just tell the folks at DeVoto Gardens I'd like such and such amount of their smallest green centered sunflowers, please! I'll ask next time I see them what the proper name is.

  5. Oh goodness, these aren't the yellow centered guys! I automatically assumed they'd be the ones in question, as they're my favorites : ). But these are lovely too, and I'll be sure to pass along their name next week as well!

  6. The power and water outage which lasted six days
    occurred in northwest NJ. Now we're experiencing mud slides and major flooding of rivers with mandatory evacuations. It has been some year...either fierce rain storms or extremely high heat...a true test of stamina.