August 19, 2012

Still here . . .

. . . Just busy and dealing with a bit of computer drama to boot! But in the meantime, here are some happy sunflowers from G&J's beautiful wedding. Can't wait to share gobs more photos once things settle down a bit!

August 6, 2012

Time Warp, 6 of 17: Napa Farmers Market (5/26/12)

 I returned from Minnesota in time for a little mid-week event (sadly undocumented- I'm getting lazy!), and a free weekend to attend the Napa Farmers Market. Here's the set-up, complete with notecards, flowers to wear, hand-dyed natural silk ribbon, nut ornaments, and a sample arrangement featuring leftover monkey flowers, teasal thistle, valley oak, and wild plum from Napa, kangaroo paw from Salinas, kale from Pacifica, roses from Sonoma, and viburnum from Petaluma.

 (These orange guys on the above right are the monkey flowers, specifically Mimulus aurantiacus.