February 24, 2013

The Rainy Season of Flowers Continues . . .

I'm a bit behind on posting in general, and subscription bouquets especially. Here they the ones from the first Thursday in February, including ageratum, anemones, carnations, and tweedia from Watsonville, freesia from Pescadero,  kale from Pacifica, tulips from Arcata, and tulbaghia from Yerba Linda.

February 15, 2013

Mustard and Buckeye

Few things make me nostalgic like mustard flowers. My elementary school was surrounded by vineyards, and in the early Spring (technically Winter, really) the mustard would bloom in the disturbed soil between the grapevines. For a week or so, the warm air would be thick with the grassy, sweet scent of a million of tiny flowers, and for the first time in months The Last Day of School seemed attainable.

This birthday arrangement was sent to a mother from a Napa native son living out of state, so I thought he might appreciate some mustard flower-y goodness despite their fragility (they fade quickly but gracefully). Here they are in a wild mixture of narcissus and buckeye (another nostalgic Spring favorite) from Napa, feverfew and snapdragons from Watsonville, and tulips from Arcata.