January 10, 2012

A Well Planned Proposal

When a childhood friend requested I provide the flowers for his very well planned (whole family-involving, escalatingly romantic, multi-location, treasure hunt of a) proposal, I wouldn't have agreed to help if I didn't believe his gal would definitely say yes, elaborate proposal or not. : ) Congratulations, N&B!

 The four bouquets, delivered with instructions over the course of a day, included sweet peas, dendrobium orchids, and ranunculus, from Watsonville, tulips and hyacinth from Arcata, freesia from Pescadero, and stock from from outside Los Angeles.


  1. what an amazing guy!! And gorgeous flowers.

  2. I have sweet peas coming tomorrow.

    Waiting with bated breath.

    xo Jane

  3. Lori- Yes, an amazing guy for sure! And you should meet his family- I think the awesomeness is hereditary : ).

    Jane- Yayyyyyy!