April 25, 2011

Not My Flower, Not My House

As the title of the post announces, this is not my flower and not my house (not my cat, either, for that matter). But Jane's Flowers in the House Monday caught me off guard, so here it is. The story, at least, is partially mine : ).

My sister and I have a good friend back in Cambridge who LOVES flowers. Her endearingly high strung little kitty Violet, however, loves to DESTROY them. Methodically. With a decisive chop to the stem. Especially tulips.

So when we decided to get some flowers for our friend, we knew we had to send along a sacrificial bloom for Violet as well.  Even during the Easter Floral Madness, the wonderful folks at our favorite local shop, Bow Street Flowers, were kind enough to help us out. Thank you!

Our friend sent photos of Violet's merciless floral treatment. I had the mug shot on file. She looks innocent enough, doesn't she?


  1. That cat is so darn cute, she could destroy all my flowers!!! One needs a garden bed just for cat flowers. This might be the best Flowers in the House!

  2. Shelley is right, this is the best post.

    Now have i missed anything, do you know one another in real life or through blog land?

    story please.

    xo Jane

  3. Cat innocence is a contradiction in terms as this hilarious post confirms!! I love the idea of ordering "a sacrificial tulip for my cat please!" - its a barmy, wonderful world!

  4. Jaime, thank you and your fabulous sister again for the surprise gifts and a hearty thank you to Bow Street Flowers for the as-always gorgeous blooms. Violet loved her treat!!! And, she is especially thrilled to be making her online debut today! Meow!

  5. I"m glad to know I'm not the only one with that problem!

  6. look at the saucy smirk on that little fluffball's face - bah! innocent, my foot!

  7. Shelley- Just got a great mental image of V stampeding your shop, with bunnies bravely defending their territory as pink tulip petals fly. . .

    So glad you got to see the fate/benefactor of your work!

    Jane- Can it be both?

    Back when I worked in Boston I'd cross the river to get my real flower fix at Shelley's beautiful shop. But we never corresponded, apart from standard shop niceties, until I was out here in California and your Flowers in the House parties united us in blogland. So you can add that your blog friend matchmaking successes. . . which I am sure is a long one. : ) Thank you!

    Jill- 'Twas as much fun (maybe even more!) for me! Thank you for sending the awesome photos and allowing me to share them. I hope V will grace us with many more blog appearances.

    AUC- I think unfortunately it's a very common one. I didn't realize how lucky I was 'til I lived with my sister's two cats. INSANE. Nothing was safe.

    Belinda and Liz- Right? I think there's even a separate feline legal standard - guilty until proven innocent.

  8. Augh! Such a small world! Perhaps you remember me, I worked with Shelley all those moons ago when you used to stop in at BSF. Now in Philly with a shop of my own, but without my favorite bunnyboy, Mr Petals. Love your work, love the fluffball.