April 15, 2011

Ribbons and Bows

Another test run for an upcoming wedding (can't wait!!)- this time it's the silk ribbon treatment up for review. I used whatever flowers I had on hand, and as a result learned that dogwood holds up worse than I'd thought it would, and viburnum better. I wouldn't trust either for an event, but they did the trick for this purpose.

I also provided the couple with some actual samples of the ribbon, because you can never be sure of color on the computer monitor. Another thing photos don't do justice is the amazing feel of this stuff. The more I work with natural silk, the more I love it. Definitely it is not as forgiving or inexpensive as polyester, but its pretty drape and softness is so worth it! And as I've said before, I love how I can sweep all my trimmings right into the compost : ).


  1. To have found a friend who can appreciate drape and compost in the same breath is a cause for celebration!! x

  2. Thanks, Erin and Belinda! It's cause for celebration on this end, too, to find friends who appreciate silk ribbons ans compost as well : )!