April 26, 2011

Get Ye to the Stanly Lane Nursery!

Okay, folks. If you are on a quest for mad hott tomato selection in the Bay Area, look no further. Remember Brad of Wild Boar Farms and lilac fame? He's partnered up with D&S Produce to bring you scores of unique varieties of vigorous little seedlings at Stanly Lane Nursery, each with their own mouth-watering descriptions and photographs, for your procuring pleasure. I should have posted this weeks ago, because the sale only goes through May (see hours below), so get to it quick! You don't want to miss this : ).


  1. I wish I were closer, I'd love to take you to coffee and then go plants shopping!
    The first year I had a garden, I went a little overboard on tomatoes and put in over 50 with 17 different heirloom varieties represented in the patch. It was a wild, delicious mess!

  2. Oh man, that sound awesome. And dangerous. But more awesome. Same to your first tomato garden.

    It is actually one of my great sorrows that I do not enjoy the taste of tomatoes. I try every year. Luckily, I am able to live vicariously through my tomato-loving friends and family. And I do find them so beautiful!