April 11, 2011

The Lilac's Fate Part 1 of 3: A Party

Thanks to my lack of restraint, these ten centerpieces for a happy couple celebrating their engagement at Silverado Vineyards this weekend featured not one, not two, but THREE varieties of local lilac- the aforementioned double dark from Stockton, and the double lavender and classic single from one of Wild Boar Farms' Napa growing grounds. Combine those with sweet peas from Half Moon Bay, ranunculus from Petaluma, viburnum from Stockton, bearded iris from Napa (look for them in the last couple of photographs), and snapdragons from Salinas and you've got a happy little springtime explosion.

 Here are five of ten, packed up in Buck for transport; I had a couple other deliveries and errands in Napa the same morning, so I made two trips. In these photos you can see the dark blue bearded iris, which I almost forgot to add. Good thing their patch in the garden is right by the driveway!


  1. Gorgeousness. Is that a word?

    Means we'll be getting bearded iris from California soon. Yay.

    Don't you wish we could buy flowers from Wild Acre?

    xo Jane

  2. Whoot! Great photos..great local goods. Patiently waiting for lilac here.

  3. Beautiful! I think it is brilliant how you have sourced all these great local growers - I can't find any near me. Would love to see what you and Jane could do with my flowers! xx

  4. Jane- You get bearded iris from California?? So cool! Do you know where? I'm still looking, although there is a farm just a few miles away that specializes in rhizome sales I'm trying to convince to sell me some cuts. . . just wait til I get some photos of their demonstration plots . . .

    BSF- Just a little bit longer! In the meantime enjoy those beautiful local glass house anemones and tulips you have! I also covet your peonies (maybe Dutch?), which I'd feel a little guilty getting here when there are starting to be so many great local blooms . . . NOT that I'm complaining!

    Belinda- YOU do wonderful things with your flowers! Though I'm sure Jane and I would have a ball playing (ahem, I mean working) with them, too : ).

    From your stories and landscape photos I get the impression there is a lot of bovine-based agriculture in you neck of the woods? Are there any vegetable farmers? They always seem more receptive to planting a row of flowers for the likes of me and similar types at the farmers markets . . .