September 24, 2010

Puddle Wonderful, Windy Wedding Weekend

Well, where has this week gone? Even as I share with you these photos from last week's almost-rainy-but-instead-just-puddle-wonderful-windy-wedding, a whole new batch of arrangements sits boxed and ready to go for tomorrow. But for now, I give you these hydrangea, persimmons, nandina berries, sword ferns, and Japanese anemone (also called "windflowers", which seemed appropriate for the gusty, but beautiful, day). Here they are at our house (above, below).
There were also flowers to wear (below).

And here are the arrangements in situ at Ma(i)sonry, a beautiful stone manor/"living gallery"/tasting room in Yountville (below).

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I had forgotten the name windflower - it's so lovely and apt considering the way they seem to enjoy bobbing about in the breezes! I have been using them lots in bouquets this month. Like white scabious they seem to look lovely with everything -I have mainly used them with continus, dahlias,sedum and eucalyptus. And zilch maintenance - love 'em!

    Like you I have been using them as upper storey stars. Your arrangements are very elegant.

  2. Thank you!!! I'm so happy my parents found you at the Napa Farmers Market the day before my wedding... The flowers were so lovely and sweet and looked gorgeous in Ma(i)sonry's unique and eclectic setting. I look forward to meeting you one day - to thank you in person! xoxxx, Kirsten

  3. What a beautiful wedding day you provided. lucky bride and groom.

    xo jane