September 1, 2010

Pins and Ribbons to Share

On this fine first day of September it seems that Fall is beginning to reveal itself in the form of a wealth of colorful berries, seeds, and leaves. I rounded up a sampling of the season's finest for a little DIY project, which (to my delight) you can see more of over at Design*Sponge. Happy sharing!


  1. How excited was I when that popped up on my blog list? Very excited.

    Beautiful post. Lucky people who get to see your work for the first time.

    xo Jane

  2. That is lovely - and so simple! Someone will love it.

  3. My third attempt to leave a comment -either I am rendered incapable by the excitement of having seen your fabulous how-to on DS or there is a glitch in my area of cyber-space!

    SOOOO pleased for you, over-the-moon, knew they wouldn't be able to resist your gorgeous flowers. Just a beautiful collection, well done MFG!

  4. Thank you so much Jane, Webb, and Belinda! Your comments have made this fun event even more awesome!!