September 8, 2010

Nothing Gold Can Stay

We're getting to that lovely time of summer where colors seem to be the most intense, as if the flowers know this is their last chance to shine before the winter rest sets in. In our garden the Jacob's Coat roses (above) and passionflowers (below) are letting loose in one last burst of summer color even as heavy fogs settle in from on the surrounding hills.


  1. I have a lovely rose like that in my garden - they are an amazingly luminous colour aren't they? You photos are a lot better than mine, mind you.

    AND repeat flowering for Pete's sake, what more could you ask?!

  2. Yes, they are pretty wonderful. And we do get spoiled with the repeat flowering. But maybe a longer vase life would be the ultimate crowning glory? As long as we are asking : ).

    And as for photos, what would I be without my camera? I didn't have it on a recent hike in the mountains and the photos I took with my mom's point-and-shoot didn't do the scenery even close to justice. It sure makes all the difference!