September 28, 2010

Later That Same Day . . .

After the market, I zipped home to unload Buck and box up seven arrangements of perennial sweet pea, anemone, 'Black Satin' and 'Elizabeth Jean' dahlias, hydrangea, privet berries, pink jasmine tendrils, and sword ferns (above). Then I loaded up Buck and zipped back over into the Valley to deliver the arrangements in time for an evening birthday celebration at Silverado Vineyards. Here they are chillin' in the wings (below left). Silverado Vineyards is perched on it's own little hill jutting up from the floor of the Napa Valley in the Stags Leap District. The views are phenomenal, even from the kitchen (below right).

And here are the arrangements in the Silverado Room, a lovely venue graced with spacious ceilings, huge windows, and a glimpse into a huge, stately room housing scores of reposing barrels of wine (below).
And on Sunday, I got the house and studio back in order and rested. What a great weekend!


  1. You have this incredible, recognisable style Jaime, here's hoping your vision and business go from strength to strength. Apart from my sister's I've never felt so enthusiastic for a business to succeed - you deserve it so much. Rather envious of your studio, how fab, my kitchen table and carport are rather unprofessional! xx

  2. Belinda, if I do succeed with this, a major contributing factor will be the amazing support system I enjoy. You are a huge part of it- it's so reassuring knowing you're out there sending positive thoughts and believing in my business. Whoa, cheese, right? But sincere.

    Funny you should compare our "studios"; mine, too is in the garage (or carport, I soulds say, as I think that sounds a little nicer :) and mainly consists of a long, high work table made from an old door and shelving. Someday I'd love to do a cosmetic makover, but functionally, it's pretty perfect! And I still do most of my fine work on the kitchen counter!

  3. How does Matushka allow the work to get completed?

  4. Matushka supervises, quite vocally. Her habit of occupying any lap as soon as it appears only occasionally harms productivity, and unlike your V, doesn't seen to have any penchant for floral destruction : ). Lucky thing!

  5. Sincere cheese always welcome!

    Carport chic - who would have thought?! They do work brilliantly as a place to store/arrange flowers. Ours doesn't have a door, so lots of fresh air circulating, cool and out of direct light. Ours is slightly overcrammed with boys' sporting equipment and bikes, but I feel encouraged that you can create your amazing displays in a similar environment!

    I smiled when you mentioned in your post about clearing up the debris left after an event - the clearing up, putting everything away and cleaning buckets etc is so time-consuming, not sure I factor it into prices at all!

    Keep rocking those botanicals!xx