September 20, 2010


It's been such a fun-filled, busy weekend that it's hard to decide how to start sharing it all. Chronologically seems a logical and unbiased way, so I will begin with the market and, and more specifically, the botanical material that stole the show: liquidambar styciflua seed pods. Who knew they could invite so much heated discussion? The day was punctuated by surprisingly insistent (though fairly polite) verbal battles amongst the farmer's market patrons visiting my table- everyone seemed to have their own name for the things. And since the only common name I know strikes me as slightly vulgar (wikipedia is not above mentioning it), I was content to sit back and take in all my options. My new favorite name for the liquidambar seed pod: sweetgum balls. They made appearances this week as pins and adorning my table in garlands and bowls.


  1. Gorgeous flowers-to-wear as ever. Do people buy to wear for events at the weekend just on spec, or do you do the market as a showcase to attract new future clients?

    So, you going to tell us about the rest of your fun weekend? x

  2. Hi Belinda! Quite a few people buy flowers to wear, not always on impulse, but usually. I mean, who come to a farmer's market looking for a corsage : )?? While some people have a special event to attend (usually a wedding), others get something "just because", and others still want a gift for a friend.

    But mostly I go to the market to meet new people (it's great for that!) and to challenge myself to be creative every week. It's my chance to try out new things before pitching them to actual clients. It's great to have pictures for that!

    Also, I offer everything at a special "farmer's market" price so that more people can feel comfortable indulging in something so purely fun. In return, I get lots of honest feedback about how my designs (especially the more experimental ones) hold up to the wear and tear of actually being worn, which is very helpful for my R&D. I think it's a good deal for for everyone!

    More on the rest of the weekend soon. I have to pace myself! : )

  3. Your business seems really well thought out Jaime and I think it's great you are finding people receptive, even on impulse, to try something a bit different. Mind you they look so lovely, must be hard to walk on by!

    Wishing you lots of market success!xx

  4. Thanks so much for your confidence, Belinda! It seems like there is always something new to pay attention to and learn, which is fun but a challenge. I definitely appreciate your kind words and encouragement!