July 17, 2010

Wear Flowers to Jury Duty

Powder blue agapanthus (above), lush ferns, and hydrangea ranging in color from baby pink to antique lavender set the tone for this market's bouquets and flowers to wear (below).

Many, many times throughout the day I hear people lamenting that they have nowhere special to wear flowers. . . I say all the better! It is a proven fact that nothing livens up mundane tasks (such as jury duty, checkbook balancing, or typing, as I am now) like a pretty glimpse of flowers on your wrist and the festive rustle of ribbon bows (below). Three is a bit excessive, I know, but I do it for the cause (test-running some orphans after the market, below). In all but the most extremely boring situation, just one will do the trick.


  1. These are so intricate and pretty, are you a fulltime floral designer now? Don't know if you caught my reply about Great Dixter etc on my blog? Hope Napa is enjoying a new artist in their midst!?

  2. Thanks Belinda!! Yes, I'm a full time designer now (huzzah!), which perhaps contributed to my failure to catch the latest thread on the poppies post . . . But no excuse, especially in light of the fact that you manage to keep current despite growing, designing, marketing and raising three kiddos full time! Hats off to you!!! : )

    I'm not sure in many Napans are aware of any new artists in their midst, but I sure am enjoying being here! There are so many things I previously took for granted (notably the consistently beautiful weather . . .) It's quite the good life. Now I'm out to enjoy a bit of that sun in the garden!

  3. Oops, make that FOUR kiddos! All the more wondrous!

  4. Please do not be too impressed - this is my first season and I am selling a handful a week!! Don't want to give the wrong impression, it's a business in its infancy!

    Just come home from watching a cricket match on the village green - dads v lads - my eldest boy (15yrs) bowling against my husband, with lots of other sons and fathers from the village - so English!

    Envious of your glorious weather though! If you plan a garden tour over here one day, I'm afraid Jan-April is dire, all you will see is mud, hard landscaping and evergreens,( and bulbs from march). It could be filthy weather too. If you are coming all this way, you really need to see England in full bloom - May through to September. Sunshine is never certain, but at least there would be tons of colour and flowers. Tricky with your wedding season maybe? SO EXCITED to hear you are full-time, Monkey Flower Group - how fabulous, the world needs your floral genius!!

    It would be great to see your work in Gardens Illustrated over here, I know writer there vaguely, could I mention you to him??

  5. So English, indeed! You took the words out of my mouth. It sounds idyllic, though I have trouble picturing it . . . my only experience with cricket is in movies and my only experience with village greens are those out in quaint little East Coast towns. So when I imagine the dads vs. lads event I see in my mind's eye something like a Bollywood scene set on Dartmouth College's Green. I'm sure it's all wrong. Clearly I must go to England and set things straight. Perhaps I could figure out a way to make it into a veritable business trip (maybe a little wedding or event?) so as to justify taking off mid-wedding-season. That'd be nice.

    On that note, I would be absolutely thrilled if you had the chance to mention my work to the Gardens Illustrated gentleman! Thank you!!