July 19, 2010

Horticultural Haven

After Saturday's market my mom and I took a little trip down to see my sister and her "new" major, major fixer-upper in Menlo Park (home also to Sunset Magazine, and described by that venerable garden authority as possessing an "ideal horticultural climate"). Not surprisingly, the garden (and house, for that matter) is dripping potential, as suggested by these colorful roses which survived years and years of neglect beautifully.

The house's current lack of a functional kitchen or inhabitable dining room was not a problem; my sister expertly grilled up some amazingly tasty salmon, which we ate on the patio table with fresh mozzarella and lemons, basil and tomatoes from the garden (below).

Sturdy wine glasses such as the adorable one below (which has survived since the 1988 Napa Town and Country Fair), added a homey touch.


  1. What a beautiful blog you have going on here and I love your flower bracelets.
    Just found you thru Wild Acre. I'll be back soon.


  2. Wow! I just went to your website. Your work is so unique and utterly charming. I'm a floral designer for God's sake and just when i think i have seen it all....

    Please don't be shy about commenting on blogs, this is how people get to know you. And everyone will want to know you, trust me.

    So glad we've met. Jane

  3. Hear, hear, that's the thing about your work, it's unique and original and when nothing under the sun seems new, that is quite something. Like some writers have an original voice, you are making beautiful pieces the like of which most people have not seen before. The word is out......

  4. Goodness, ladies, you are too kind!!! I appreciate your encouragement and feedback- it makes what I do 10 times more fun and rewarding than it already is. Thank you!!!

    And yes, I know I should not be shy about commenting on blogs. . .it's just that they are still a little new to me and I am unsure about the existence of any etiquette (like, do I respond to comments on my blog or yours??). But I know that is a silly reason to be holding back especially since there is clearly this big, vibrant community out there! So thanks for the encouragement in that department, too. I'll be trying to get out more in the blogging world. : )

  5. Good question about the etiquette thing- I'm a newbie too and have no idea what I'm doing and leaving comments randomly around and forgetting where half the time! Can you help us out flwjane....or will you never see this.....?!

  6. Hey Ladies, Both ways are cool BUT if you comment on another's website other regular readers will see a new link and come to visit and then if they leave a comment you'll visit them. thank them for the visit and on and on and on. I've been doing this under a year but have already met people who have altered my life.

    I see a lot of blogs, have settled into some favorites but both of you have piqued my interest.
    Yay there is something new under the sun!

  7. Whoop, whoop for things new under the sun - thanks for the tips flwjane!