July 12, 2010

California Fruit Love

There are some people I would dearly love to entice (back) to California, and while I realize posting these photos is a slightly unfair tactic, I am going ahead with it anyways. Forgive me.
 After running errands in town I dropped in on some old Napa friends.  As usual, I left with more amazingly perfect and ripe fruit from their gardens (this time plums, peaches, and figs) than one person could safely consume in three days. Luckily I do not live by myself.
Add some brie and Mom's homemade San Francisco sourdough croutons (always in short supply, above) and you have the perfect California lunch (below). Wish [you] were here!


  1. Peaches and plums and figs, oh my!

  2. If I didn't have a sour cherry tart at hand to console me, I'd pack the car right now.

  3. Isn't it Shakespeare who said: "I love [vermont] better than figs"?. He must never have roasted them with goat cheese.