July 5, 2010

To Market, To Market!

Aside from attending to not-so-fun moving obligations (getting Buck the Subaru registered in California, unpacking, responding to accumulated mail), the past week has been dominated by gearing up for the Napa Downtown Farmer's Market.

Perhaps the most major aspect of these preparations involved heading out to Petaluma (where my mother and I help maintain my godmother's vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens) to construct easel displays from old wood found about the ranch; for better or for worse, the salty, foggy mornings of the coast (above) make for fabulously lichened and weathered patinas on almost any surface left exposed to the elements. After working with only an old handsaw, screwdriver, and battery powered drill in Vermont, it was a great luxury to have at my disposal a demolition saw, chop saw, and fantastically powerful power drill. Fancy tools do speed things along considerably!

At Saturday's market set-up of my display of bracelets, headbands, pins, and wands (above) went smoothly, and I was thrilled with the great number of friendly folks I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with over the course of the day. I feel so lucky to be part of such a wonderfully talented group of artisans and farmers in such a wonderful valley!

I'm looking forward to upcoming markets, and plan to have a lot more things! I'll be there (in the parking area associated with what was formerly Copia, on First Street between Silverado Trail and Soscol) every Saturday from 7:30 to noon. Hope to see you soon!


  1. Oh.my. goodness. Amazing! Beautiful! We are heartbroken that we must attend even the poshest Vermont occasion unadorned by the dryad-like stylings of the Monkey Flower Group. But we're happy for Napa.

  2. you are starting to outdo yourself.