October 25, 2011

A Handmade Wedding

 Chefs M&L have made a food-filled life together up in Portland, but decided to celebrate their wedding closer to family at a friend's home in the El Cerrito hills. They married in a nearby park then returned to a reception full of delphinium from Pescadero, solidago and marigolds from Half Moon Bay, garden roses from Sonoma, lion's tale, nasturtiums, geraniums, and persimmons from Napa, and a feast prepared by the couple themselves. Quite an impressive accomplishment, which bodes well for many happy years to come! Congratulations and best of wishes, M&L!

M wore a retro knee length dress she reworked at the neckline with a bold nastutium applique salvaged from vintage linens (endless talent, right?). Her bouquet was a small and simple gathering of marigolds, mint, and nasturtiums (which I was worried about sourcing but managed to harvest enough of from a friend's garden- thank you L!). I hope someday to have photographs of the flowers and the dress together!


  1. Flowers are beautiful, I love the marigolds.

    xo Jane

  2. Kudos on rustling up those nasturtiums! I love the entry piece. It's a wonder those doors haven't been liberated from their hinges. Framing those flowers: perfect.

  3. Thanks, Jane and Shelly! Yes, isn't that door amazing??!! And very El Cerrito ; ).