October 13, 2011

Lavender Blue

Nigella from Watsonville, roses from Petaluma, brake fern from Eureka, kale and scabiosa from Half Moon Bay, and acorns from South Bay.


  1. Love it all, but those baby acorns? LOOOOOVE them!

    So so chuffed to have your post on my blog today, thank you so much for doing such a detailed and wonderful one for me, you are a star! xxx

  2. Love the acorns and the scabiosa looks so fresh. This is a nice break of color for October. Lovely as usual, Jaime!

  3. Totally my pleasure, Belinda!! Thank you so much for including me, and for all your support over the last year!! YOU are a star!!

    Jane- you got it! : )

    Thanks, Shelly! I wish I knew what kind of an oak those little acorns are from! I had a dream last night they were from scrub oaks, but I looked that up and it doesn't look like a match. Classic florist dream though, right?