November 29, 2010

Where was I THIS time?

After a two-day Christmas decoration installation at Napa Valley Jewelers and Thanksgiving centerpiece design and delivery (above), I headed up to remote and beautiful Lake County for a restful and lovely Thanksgiving with family.  For our table I put together a simple centerpiece of roses, tulips, and local oak, olive, choisya, rosemary, sage, and buckeye seeds.

The food was amazing, the company wonderful, the cats and reading super cozy.  Following the day of the great feast, we did some serious bulb planting- hundreds of new daffodils to look forward to in the Spring.


  1. Your centrepiece is so lovely - and great to have kept some of the local, seasonal elements in there. Glad you got some relaxation, although bulb planting is backbreaking, I am sure I haven't planted mine all deep enough, i just ran out of energy! Looks like you guys did a pro job and now have them to enjoy/raid in the Spring! xx

  2. Hi Jaime,
    Such a pleasure to finally see your site. What wonderful pieces and splendid photos you have! I've just referred you to a 9/17 or 9/24 wedding couple that is looking for something earthy. An easy referral!

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