November 14, 2010

Home for Fall

What with going off to college in Iowa and then living on the East coast, its been a full seven years since I was last home to enjoy Fall in California. It's a beautiful season; the vineyards set valley floors ablaze with red, orange, and yellow, narcissus gear up for their Christmas showing of fragrant white blossoms, new grass dusts the hills in a neon green glow, and madrone berries splash the forests and roadsides with bursts of red. My apologies for the flowery language- can you tell I'm feeling a bit nostalgic?


  1. Well, I for one am never shy of a bit of flowery language, as you know! California in Fall sounds gorgeous.

    Doing a bit of maths, makes me wonder if you are only about 25, if that is true I feel ANCIENT but also so impressed you have found your career/passion so young, I wish I had!

    love, B - ye aged one! ps. thanks for your lovely message on my blog the other day. xx

  2. Right-o, on the nose. And as for for being "ye aged", I believe you're the cute blond one, remember? ; )

  3. I have a son 9 years younger than you. Good grief!xx