November 18, 2010

Cool Cards!

Yay! The Monkey Flower Group is up and running at Big Cartel , an online "shop for the little guy" (that's me).

One of the first things I'm offering there are two collections of note cards (namely, "Hot Cards" and "Cool Cards"). They are currently available for purchase and will begin shipping out on December 1st.

I won't say too much about the specifics here, other than they feature 100% recycled post consumer waste paper stock and minimal, pretty, and compostable packaging.

To learn more, please visit The Monkey Flower Group's online shop here. (Photos of the actual cards are on their way).

In the meantime, here's a peak at the 8 photos featured in the "Cool Cards" collection, below. (In my previous post, I shared the 6 photos featured in the "Hot Cards" collection).

 Above: It does freeze in Napa. That said, this photo was taken while I lived in Vermont. But I swear we have pretty ice here too.

 Above: A romantic arrangement of lilac and bleeding heart. Perhaps a St. Valentine's Day note?

 Above: I believe the French celebrate the first of May with this lovely fragrant flower, lily of the valley. Which makes this here card a good choice to attach to your May Day basket.

Above: A lush twist of paper whites on the Christmas table. It's one of the first winter things to bloom for us here in Napa. Luckily we all love the smell, which is pretty potent.

 Above: A simple gathering of sweet wild violets, perfect for Mother's Day.

 Above: A rainbow of spiraled stems, including that scarlet spring favorite, rhubarb.

Please click here to go/return to Cool Cards at The Monkey Flower Group's Online Shop.

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