November 18, 2010

Hot Cards!

Yay! The Monkey Flower Group is up and running at Big Cartel , an online "shop for the little guy" (that's me).

One of the first things I'm offering there are two collections of note cards (namely, "Hot Cards" and "Cool Cards"). They are currently available for purchase and will begin shipping out on December 1st.

I won't say too much about the specifics here, other than they feature 100% recycled post consumer waste paper stock and minimal, pretty, and compostable packaging.

To learn more, please visit The Monkey Flower Group's online shop here. (Photos of the actual cards are on their way).

In the meantime, here's a peak at the 6 photos featured in the "Hot Cards" collection, below. (In my next post, I'll share the 6 photos featured in the "Cool Cards" collection).

Above: On our road trip home from Vermont, we stopped near Lake Tahoe to visit my grandparents. Here's a detail of a miniature vase of the sierra onions which have naturalized in their backyard over the years.

 Above: Friend or foe? People seem to harbor really passionate feelings- both love and loathing- toward prickly liquidambar seedpods. When strung as garlands, though, they win the hearts of most.

Above: Persimmon, anemone, nandina, hydrangea, sharon fern, and jasmine tendrils combine in a late summer centerpiece.

Above: A Halloween mask of ginko leaves.

Above: Roses, pomegranates, and jasmine tendrils combine in a fresh and fun bouquet. I think it's the perfect card for a "just because" or birthday note.

Above: California poppies, the state flower, put on a show at my godmother's ranch near Petaluma.

Please click here to go/return Hot Cards at The Monkey Flower Group's Online Shop.


  1. Yay, you did it! The cards are sooo lush. Can non-US folk buy on Big Cartel? Bx

  2. Hi Belinda! Glad you like them- especially since you started all this (thanks! : ).

    Big Cartel uses PayPal as it's payment broker, so you British (and other non-US) folk should be able to place an order with no problem. But please do not hesitate to let me know if you happen to encounter any difficulties. It's still a new shop for me!