November 6, 2010


Wowza, what can I say? This post waaay overdue.  Last weekend was my last farmer's market for the summer. It was cold and rainy (hence no photos), but towards the end many die-hard regulars came out and I was glad to have the opportunity to say thank you and happy holidays. Hopefully, though, I will see everyone through the Winter. It's a small Valley! 

On Sunday morning my family headed over to my Grandma and Grandpa's to celebrate Grandma's 86th birthday (she's a Halloween baby). We went all out with an over-the-top brunch, complete with home-made cinnamon rolls, the last of the local stone fruits,  sausage, quiche, mimosas, coffee, two kinds of coffee cake, and of course flowers. We had so much fun. It was awesome, just like Grandma. 

 Next we headed down and around and over the Bay to my sister's "new" home on the Peninsula. I say "new" because its actually old (for California, anyways), and even though they've had it for a year now, they're still in the early stages of fixin' it up. But isn't it cute? We carved up a bunch of pumpkins, which looked great with Peach the VW bus. Can you tell who made which pumpkin? Mom's is pretty signature.

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