August 8, 2011

Yes, It Really Is A Group

In many ways, The Monkey Flower Group is a one woman show- Jaime Giorgi, sole proprietor, designer, bookkeeper, publicist, delivery driver, stylist, and photographer. So what's with the "Group"?

I explain this a lot. First, it's a nod to the botanical genus Mimulus, a huge group of plants native to California and the western United States. I love these natives, and I love their native habitats. Second, it suggests the network of farmers I rely on for amazing locally grown flowers. This is a bit of a mouthful to go into on a regular basis, so more than once I've regretted the name. Maybe Jaime Giorgi Floral Design would have been the easier choice?

But conditions over the last three weeks, namely a very full schedule of events coupled with a very intense little virus, have illuminated just how important that last part of my company's name is. I've found I can rely on my growers - particularly Corinna at Neve Roses, Ricardo at Neve Brothers, Louie at Figone Nursery, and David at Repetto's- as well as friends, family, and neighbors, to be there when I need them. Despite a fever, chills, and later a nasty cough, everything went beautifully. And I couldn't have done it without The Group.


  1. No I'm sure you couldn't and thank god you didn't have to.

    Here's to the group and the help they give.

    I have never traveled without a posse in my life and I wouldn't want to try.

    xo Jane

  2. Getting sick during wedding season is my worst nightmare. I'm one of those owners who shows up limping with a bad knee, bad cold, bad back, whatever, but last year the flu hit at the end of Valentine's day and my little "group" was amazing. I was flat out for a week! I like Jane's 'posse' image. We all need one. Hope you're better now!

  3. Hear, hear, Jane and Shelley!

    And yes, I'm feeling sooooo much better now : ). Thank you!