August 14, 2011

What All Happened Part 4 of 5: A Sweet Backyard Wedding

 Friends, family, good food, and a bouquet and boutonniere of ivy and sage from Napa, calla lilies and roses from Petaluma, stock, scabiosa, sedum, and freesia from Half Moon Bay, and lupines from Daly City. What more do you need?


  1. Someone is growing Lupines in Daly City? Is there room? Your personal flowers are like jewelry!

  2. I said the same thing! I think he's growing a little patch in the back yard (which seems believable since he seems to bring just a couple buckets at a time). Now that I write that, I wonder if he's growing them to disguise something else . . .

  3. Gorgeous - and I love that you use two of my favourites together this time of year, sedum in bud and scabious - the quilted centre of the scabious and the sedum buds kind of sing the same tune don't they? Geeky pleasure in the detail I know!!x

  4. Commenting after Belinda is like speaking after Churchill.

    Lupines are just a dream in our climate.

    That is one sweet dream bouquet.

    xo jane

  5. Belinda- Definitely! I wish sedum would stay this way all season! Or at least, I wish some of it would, becuase it's so nice in flower, too. Guess I can't have my cake AND eat it!

    Jane- Word. Of course, one could say the same thing about commenting after you! Maybe it is more like commenting after Tina Fey, though? Thank you for your kind words!

    Shelley- Right? But I've decided I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. Lupines are so lovely they can be grown for their own sake. : )