August 12, 2011

What All Happened Part 3 of 5: A Vibrant Russian Wedding

With the groom's love of orange, the bride's contagious laugh, and the couple's strong and abundant friendships (especially within the Russian Orthodox community), there was no way A&A's wedding celebration was not going to be big, colorful, and FUN.

Outside the beautiful Russian Orthodox Church in San Francisco, the groom waited for his bride with bouquet in hand.  When she arrived they exchanged flowers and entered the church together.

These photos, taken just as guests began to arrive, give just a hint of the awe-inspiring interior of the church.

Following the ceremony guests continued on to the reception to enjoy a night of celebration.

Congratulations, A&A! It was so much fun to be a part of your wedding day!


  1. So lovely! Thank you for sharing. And congratulations to the bride and groom. My best to them both.

  2. Orange and purple! love that combo. the purple ribbon on the calla lily bouts is perfect. Is that sweet pea?

  3. Thanks, A and Shelley!

    And yes, it is sweet pea! It comes from a grower down in Santa Clarita. I admit it's a bit of an odd element, for this time of year, but I really struggle with a purple and orange color combo anytime but spring! I feel like so many of the summer "purples" are actually lavender or burgundy, which makes for a very different look if you're not careful, right?

  4. wow. you are in full bloom.

  5. oh,I am loving all of these posts! Beautiful!!!!

    Any chance you know the name of that awesome orange Dahlia in the last photo? I NEED to grow it!!!

  6. Oh! That nicely decorated in orange and purple! The church is awesome! I find it very nice to the groom wait for the bride with her bouquet of flowers :-)
    Thank you for sharing this with everyone, Greetings

  7. This wedding just put a big smile on my face.

    Aren't we lucky to get to be a part of such happiness?

    xo Jane

  8. JSB- Aptly put! And good to see you here in these parts : ). We miss you!!

    Erin- It IS a great orange dahlia! I had thought it was one of the 'Sultan' varieties, but when I googled that I got nothing familiar. I will ask Louie when I see him next week!

    Sopotales- Welcome! Isn't that a nice custom? If I ever get married I would like to adopt it : ).

    Jane- YES!

  9. I'd kill to have Louie's top 10 list if he'd be willing to share!!!
    I'm always hunting for new varieties :)

  10. No killing necessary! He is a very nice person and I'm sure he'll spill all (or at least a lot! : )

  11. Erin, sorry for the delay! The name of that dahlia in the last photo is 'Miss Eileen'. Other Figone recommendations include 'Noami'(I used them in that Wooden Valley wedding), 'Royal' (burgundy with red stripes), 'Thalia' (pinky purple), 'Ventura' (solid yellow), 'Choc' (almost black), and of course, 'Cafe au Lait', which I know you already grow :). Hope that's helpful!