August 11, 2011

What All Happened Part 2 of 5: Al Fresco Engagement Dinner

This al fresco engagement party called for centerpieces which looked as delicate as a wedding lace and as natural and wild as a dry California hillside. Also, they had to be tough enough to stand up to several hours in the pounding afternoon sun Upvalley (typically several degrees even hotter than down in Napa). Dusty miller, agapanthus, and double feverfew from Half Moon Bay, lunaria seedpods from Napa, and chrysanthemums from Santa Clarita did the trick, and thanks to the new transportation system, all 14 went in one trip easily. Huzzah!


  1. I can't WAIT for field Mums to start!! Those and big Crown Asters knock me out! Lunaria always looks beat-up here... sure is pretty in the photo.

  2. Wish i was American so I could say, 'sure is purty' without sounding silly! Because i totally agree with Shelley! Dang, sure is purty! Sigh!xx

  3. Now Belinda I didn't actually notice Shelley saying purty. Are you sure?

    Cause they sure are little cowgirls.

    xo Jane

  4. Sorry Shelley, I can't help hearing 'purty' when i see 'pretty' next to 'sure is..'!! Did they say it in Gone with the Wind?

    Clearly Jane, I harbour an inner cowgirl! Scary.

    Jaime, I have just looked at your latest post and loved the Russian style brights! xx

  5. Hehe, having heard Belinda's awesomely quintessentially British intonations in her garden tour video, it gives me great pleasure to imagine her speaking with an American drawl!

    Have you all seen the Rogers and Hammerstein production 'Oklahoma!' ? A clip of the film is forthcoming on this here blog . . .