January 22, 2011

While the sun shines . . .

 Remember how I said I'd literally been making hay while the sun shone? Well, I should clarify. I wasn't actually making hay, but I was being mad hott productive while the weather was sunny. So mad hott productive, that by the time Liz came down for a surprise visit I was much in the mood for a garden retreat at my godmother's place in Petaluma. Here it is in all its decadent glory, complete with delicious pears and local cheeses, champagne, and al fresco scrabble. It was so warm and sunny we even had to break out the sunscreen. I love California in January!


  1. Shivering with jealousy.

    xo jane

  2. Ditto, CA envy! Nice mixture of sleet and mud in the garden this weekend. Sigh!

  3. Eeks, sorry ladies! It's probably very inconsiderate to gloat so when many people are still in the real depths of winter, but I'm so in awe of it myself that I quite forget my manners!