January 21, 2011

MN 3 of 3: Eye on the Sky (Ways)

I've always been fascinated by the Twin Cities' skyway system. Connecting over 80 city blocks, Minneapolis's is the largest continuous network of them in the world (Calgary's got the largest noncontinuous one). My interest was indulged as we scurried along snug and warm through the elevated passages, first to the snazzy Foshay Tower for drinks, then to Vincent for one of the most enjoyable fancy dining experiences I have ever encountered.

Thank you, Ben's Family, for the amazing visit!!!


  1. Aren't the skyways great? Brilliant for a city with such intense cold.
    The T-Cities have some hidden culinary treasures as you have seen. Had some great meals during my visits in the past. It's not all lefse and lutefisk!

  2. Hi Cindy!!! Thanks for stopping by! You're right about the Twin Cities' food scene. And what a booming local food and cooperative scene! Who knew ; )?