January 19, 2011

MN 1 of 3: Tea, Cozy

Oh my, what a lapse. But once again I have an excuse. Two excuses, in fact. First, I was recovering from the  wonderful hay-making frenzy of Christmas with an amazing vacation out to Minnesota, where I enjoyed the kindness of Ben's family and the comfort and beauty of their lovely home. And second, I was back in California making hay again, this time literally while the the sun shone. More on that later. For now I give you a study in coziness in the face of charmingly bitter cold, the first of three snippets from my Midwestern escape.


  1. Gorgeous stuff, that picture of the tulips and matching orange segments is delicious!

  2. You make cold look good.

    xo jane

  3. What wonderful photos! I've often paused on the stairs from the third floor and admired the rooftop view. You've captured the cold and the angles and the Minnesota whites, browns and grays, our color palette this time of year.
    Miss you, dear!

  4. Hi all! Thanks for stopping by! Minnesota makes cold look good, not me : ). I had such a wonderful visit! Miss you too, Barbara! Give V. a big hug for me.