June 12, 2010

Day 6: Flowers in the Windy City

Although we found parking on our arrival in Chicago, morning revealed that we lacked the proper parking permit to avoid a ticket. Feeling sixty dollars poorer, we spent the day walking about enjoying the magnificent architecture and other free attractions of the city. We got more than our money's worth at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, where we saw Crib of Venus Orchids (Anguloa ruckeri, above), Caterpillar Plant (Spathicarpa sagittifolia, below), Copper Leaf (Acalypha wilksiana 'Kaleakala', below left), Tricolor Hawaiian Ti Plant (Cordyline fruticosa 'Tricolor', below right), King Orchids (Brassia rex, bottom left), Striped Inch Plant (Callisia elegans, bottom right), and Fishtail Fern (Microsorum punctatum 'Grandiceps', bottom).
The Chicago Cultural Center, with it's ornate railings, expansive mosaics, and huge Tiffany glass dome,  was also breathtaking (below).

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