June 29, 2010

Day 15: UT to South Lake Tahoe, CA (500 miles, 9.5 hours)

With only five or six tiny towns to speak of, Nevada's Highway 50 lives up to its title of "The Loneliest Road in the US". When I last traveled it back in 2003, I did not have the same appreciation for the shades of tan, gray green, pink, and umber that I developed out east (where colors- especially bright greens!- are a lot more intense). This time I was totally in love with the scenery and happy to be back to the colors I associate with summer.

Perfectly straight streches across desert flats punctuated with exciting, winding stints through the craggy Toiyabe, Diamond, Ruby, and Sierra Nevada mountains made for an ideal day of driving. A small detour on a dirt road took us to the graveyard of one of Nevada's mining ghost towns. We were welcomed to my grandparents' place near Lake Tahoe with many hugs, a hearty dinner, and wine. I can't imagine a better homecoming!

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