July 14, 2011

Catch 22

 Alas, when it's busy and many fun things are in the works, I don't have much time to take and post pictures! Here are some from the first of many exciting events this month- happy, summery arrangements of sunflowers and cosmos from Sebastopol, and perennial sweet peas, artichokes, and pennyroyal from Napa.


  1. I can't decide whether I want to bury my head in them or gather them to my chest for a big hug.

    Either way I apparently want to get familiar.

    xo Jane

  2. Love those photos! The Cosmos here are flabby and weak and I'm supposed to use them next week!

  3. Jane- Both sound nice, but better watch out for those artichokes! They're vicious ; ).

    Shelley- Oh no! Where are they coming from?? Maybe they'll look better by next week- you've had a lot of heat recently, right?

  4. Jaime - Thanks again for these happy, exuberant flowers. They really helped set the mood for the Walnut Creek Library Foundation's Major Donor/First Anniversary Event. A few of the arrangements went home with donors, but most graced the new downtown library after the event. Everyone was pleased with how beautiful they were on the day of the event and with long they lasted. Traffic is so high at the library that they were literally enjoyed by thousands of people the following week. Thanks for carving time our of your busy schedule to make these beautifully local flower arrangements for us.