June 4, 2011

A Sunny Spring Wedding

A week ago today, it was raining just about as steadily as it is today (which is unseasonably steadily), and I was feeling more than a little nervous for J&D, whose wedding was on Sunday. I needn't have worried- the clouds parted and the sun transformed the Napa Valley into a perfect Spring day, totally fitting this wonderfully warm couple.

The flower arrangements were like botanical portraits of late May in California, incorporating peonies from Fremont, roses and passion vine from  Petaluma, freesia and Icelandic poppy buds from Pacifica, and cottoneaster, oak, and buckeye from Napa. I hope that around this time every year, the hillsides and gardens will remind J&D of their wedding day.

J&D's flowers to wear (above) and hold (below) both incorporated gardenias from Half Moon Bay.

I designed a wild crown for the flower girl (below), including roses from Petaluma, and ivy, lambs ear, cottoneaster, oak, and jasmine from Napa.

The chuppah (above and below) was constructed from local materials as well - Petaluma barn wood and eucalyptus saplings.


  1. I was proud to play an important consulting role for the chuppah (standing around with my chin in my hand saying "hmmm...") :-) Looks lovely, Jaime! Vince

  2. Oh Jamie, everything is beautiful.

    xo jane

  3. That's my friend Jaime wot did that!

    Unbelievably fabulous, subtle, fresh, artistic - even by your mega standards! Can you hear the doffing of hats?! Your flavour of floral skill seems to exude naturalness despite the technicality no doubt involved, no sense of contrived shapes and colours. Sigh....

  4. Thank you so much for all your kind comments everyone! Most of the credit should of course go to the growers and the classy bride and groom : ).