June 25, 2011

News Flash: Scorpion Attack!!!

This morning, as I was making coffee (so read, before coffee), a scorpion finally went and stung me on the big toe. I looked down in time to see that is was a just little one, which for a while had me worried (I learned as a kid that over-enthusiastic baby rattlesnakes are more dangerous than adult ones . . . mightn't the same be true for arachnids?). But here I am, apparently having escaped with just a rude wake-up call and the foiling of my plan to post about the Napa Farmer's Market before attending it.
Instead, I'm here now sharing a montage of recent markets past and reporting that The Monkey Flower Group will be at next Saturday's market again. Hope to see you there!


  1. SCORPION ???????!!!!! yikes! You're a tough cookie, Jamie. I've never even seen a scorpion in California. Did you get a fever or anything?

    Such beautiful jewels you make! What's in the pretty boxes?

  2. Ouchy. Are you still with us? Little worried here in Virginia.

    xo Jane

  3. Thanks for your concern, Shelley and Jane! The scorpions we have here around my house are fairly ubiquitous and apparently quite harmless (unless you're allergic). It hurt like a bad bee sting most of the morning, but by evening there was not even any swelling. Maybe the big guys are worse?

    Shelley, the boxes are (as yet) empty; I bring them just to show how the nut ornaments can be used to decorate gifts. They're also what I wrap my bracelets in, sans nut ornament.

  4. gosh i never knew how much i could love a nut ornament, they look brilliant xx