May 14, 2011

Old News

 Two bits of old news from way back on Easter weekend: 1) Grandma's garden is looking awesome and 2) the man I have long referred to as my brother-in-law (for ease and accuracy of describing the relationship) proposed to my sister (shown below looking out over the Napa River during our reconnaissance of some studio space). Our families have been like family for years, but I'm still pretty friggin' excited to make it official. Congratulations again, L&C! I can't wait to start planning the flowers, so pick a date already! : )


  1. Great news!!! and are those little carnations in your Grandma's garden?
    O! I want to grow them too! I love the grey foliage even after the flowers are gone.

  2. Happy days! Happy peris, happy ranunculus, happy pinks, happy to be back blogging!

    xo Jane

  3. How lovely to do your sister's wedding flowers! x

  4. S- Aren't they wonderful?! You know how much I love carnations and pinks . . . definitely it was Grandma's fondness for them that got me started with them. Are they hardy in Cambridge?

    J- Word. : )

    B- I know!! I can't wait!!