May 31, 2011

Napa Farmer's Market, Rain or Shine!

The dust is still settling from this week's (or month's, really) events, but before I share some of what came to pass I just wanted to say that I'll be at the Downtown Napa Farmer's Market this morning, from 7:30 to 12, rain or shine (currently rain, once again). Due to the floral flurry that was this weekend I won't have many fresh wares, but I will have cards (ask-they'll be staying dry in the car), acorn ornaments and earrings, and a ready smile! Come say hi and make my soggy presence and the inevitable 700 calories I will consume in baked goods all worth it. : )


  1. One day, not very soon I suppose, but one day I do very sincerely hope to rock up to your stall and say, in my poshest English tones, "A pair of acorn earrings if you please?!" Ha!!;)

  2. Belinda, I CANNOT WAIT for that day. Please give me some advance notice so I can look forward to it/be sure to have some acorn earrings on hand : ).