May 12, 2011

And Then, Mother's Day

The rest of the arrangements went out before I could snap photos, but here are some I made for the mothers in my life. They featured lots of flowers from the garden (both ours and that of the aforementioned friend of the bride's family, who very kindly let me snip a few sweet peas and white avalanche roses for my own purposes : ), as well as some "show ready" tulips that opened too white to be included in the colors-only wedding. After deliveries I spent the afternoon at my grandparents' house, feeling all the world like the luckiest little floral designer in the world and celebrating my grandfather's birthday, Mother's Day, and Cinco De Mayo all in one glorious fell swoop.


  1. So the move to California is shaping up quite nicely then?!! Like you drove through all those storms in Kansas to a GOOD place. I'm so very glad for you.

    Lucky mamas with those flowers.

  2. Your arrangements are so lively and happy. Really inspiring!!